Writing Wikipedia Content

If you are hiring a regular content writer – no matter how good this person is – you are making a grave mistake. Wikipedia content writing is a distinct craft and only someone who has experience with the Wikipedia universe will be able to do justice with it.

Why do you need a separate expert for Wikipedia content?

A usual content writer writes to impress and to convince. There is always an agenda that this content writer is trying to push and nudge you to act on it. And hence, when this writer would do a Wikipedia page, there is a strong likelihood that the same approach would be used. Ornamental language, hyperbole and exaggerated praises! That’s exactly why you need a different expert to write Wikipedia content.

Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia. It is not a book of praises that shall hold the glory of you. Everything here is to be written as a matter of fact. The tone has to be absolutely neutral. It is surely important what you write, but for Wikipedia, it is even more important what you don’t write.

There is a very fine line between what can be perceived as promotional and non-promotional. While writing Wikipedia content, we are always walking on this fine line and we need to ensure that we never cross over to the side of promotional content. Hence, it is very important to be wise and careful about what you are putting out.

How we approach Wikipedia content writing

We have a very straightforward approach to it. We first ask you to submit an ideal draft – that you would prefer to be on Wikipedia. After that, we don’t look at it at all and forget about it. We rather start searching all relevant links about you (we do a search even if you have submitted a whole list) and start picking facts from each source and start stringing them together. The product is a fully sourced article which is written as per the wiki guidelines. After that, we open the draft submitted by you and check if anything critical is missing or if there are any discrepancies. We reach out to you to see if there is something else you would want to add and work with you to either make that happen or give a rational answer on why this can not happen.

This approach helps us ensure we have written content that’s properly sourced and at the same time covers whatever is important for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about it!