Wikipedia Page Creation Packages

Please note the following points



    1. The above packages listed are for fresh cases that have enough sources and citations for a notable subject. In case the page has any history (deletion, draftification or anything else), the cost may differ cases to case basis. In case there are not enough sources or no sources at all, you can get in touch and we can assist you in getting wiki compatible coverage

      2. The agency does not create pages for the subjects which are non-notable as per wiki guidelines since those would be deleted irrespective sooner or later. The agency assess the notability of the subject and based on that takes up the client. The agency is accountable for creating the page and ensuring that it remains live without violating the wikipedia guidelines. If the page is deleted because of any reasons within the maintenance period , the agency will provide free consultation/support/guidance for the subject to get relevant media sources to prove the notability and create the page again free of cost for a period of 6 months from the date of contract. This is also to substantiate that agency doesn’t vandalise wikipedia knowingly or on purpose and only edit wikipedia as per the guidelines.

3. If any of the deletion exists on the page, the company is not liable to raise the final invoice. All other tags won’t impact the final payment.

4. A package once brought and executed can not be upgraded to silver and gold.

5. The client can request 3 set of changes in one month under the maintenance. A set of changes can contain multiple edits within the framework of Wiki guidelines. The turn around time for any requested changes are 3-4 working days. The agency holds the right to deny any changes which can impact the sustainability of the page.

6. The agency is only accountable to make the page live with selected information that can go out on wikipedia. The cost of page creation remains independent of the volume of information that can be uploaded. Once the first draft is published with the limited information that agency find suitable to upload, the client is expected to work collaboratively for further content addition – that is, if the client wants any particular fact or information to be uploaded, the client is to provide that information (as a fact) along with its source. Documents or Sheets with sources dumped on the agency with an expectation to mine useful material from it won’t be accepted. Client can request the agency to share a format in which the information can be provided. 

7. The cost to create a wikipedia page depends on the package as selected by the client. The payment schedule is 50% advance and 50% with in 7 days the page has been published. In case, the client fails to make the complete payment, the page can be unpublished subsequently. Post this, the page can or can be made live again depending on the situation.

8. The final draft that is uploaded on wikipedia can not have any piece of information that is not verifiable by reliable third party sources. The client is not entitled to push the agency to include any such information or to take any action that is against the guidelines of wikipedia. The agency has a right to deny any action that is against the guidelines of wikipedia. If any information about past creation, deletion or otherwise has been concealed from the agency or the agency unknowingly violate wikipedia guidelines because of the client, the contract will be considered null and void and no refunds shall be made.

9. If client edits the page without the permission/consultation of the agency after publishing, the agency shall not be accountable for the page anymore. That is, agency can not be held responsible for the page being deleted or altered. 

The contract will be considered null and void.

10. Maintenance Period can be extended by purchasing it separately for INR 10,000 / 3 Months

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