Approving submitted drafts

This is another classic situation. You are determined to create a wikipedia page for yourself, your brand or your business leader and you have always figured your way out – learning things as need be and then succeeding at it. Creating a Wikipedia page would be no different from this. And hence, you start reading about it and understanding it; thinking, this seems not so difficult and pretty logical. As a new user, you start building up the draft and like an ideal student, submit it for the Article-for-Creation (AFC) process.

Now you wait and nothing happens. It’s been a week and then more than that. You read more and you start getting paranoid that this is going to be rejected and panic! And finally after it gets reviewed, you are notified that this has been declined and all your dreams are shattered. This is where you start searching for professionals who could help you out and you reach us.

How can we help?

Specific PR can help you out in both the cases – when you have submitted your draft and it is pending review and even if it is declined. Most of the time if an article is declined, it is not the end of the world. Any admin or reviewer would always provide a logical reason to decline your page. This is where we start working. We deeply study why the draft was declined and start working backwards from there.

If there are notability issues, we help and guide you on how to generate more coverage. If the content is too promotional or if it seems to have conflict of interest issues, we suggest on how that can be declared, submitted and dealt with. There are solutions to almost every problem – in a logical and ethical way – as long as you are truly notable to be on Wikipedia.

Get in touch with us to discuss your case and strategize together with us on it.