May 5, 2020

Very valid question! Wikipedia, after all, is an open platform and can be edited by anyone. So why do they keep reverting your changes and sometimes even block you for ‘disruptive editing’. It can be so because of the following reasons:

  1. You are putting non-factual fluff: It means you are adding content which is not a hard core fact but merely a subjective opinion. Wikipedia is not a space to express opinions. It is ideal that all content added on wikipedia is a verified fact. In case an opinion of someone credible is to be expressed, it is good to copy paste it verbatim with the reference.
  2. You are putting unsourced material: It means you are adding facts that can not be proven by third party reliable sources. All information to be put on wikipedia must be verified with credible sources – this is how the sanctity of the platform is maintained and it is ensured that only correct information is uploaded on the platform.
  3. You are writing with a promotional tone: It means whatever you are writing is coming out as promotional – means it is overtly talking about the subject in a positive tone. For example, Smith Jonas is an excellent teacher and is appreciated widely by the students is promotional. You can simply say ‘Mr Smith Jonas is a teacher’ and that’s all.
  4. Your account has a history of disruptive editing: It means in the past, you have done editing which was flagged and you were warned about it. A lot of people don’t understand this but the reputation of your account is really a make or break thing. New accounts or accounts that have a history of conflicts of interests are always looked upon with suspicion. 

These are only a few but some of the most obvious reasons why the content that is being added by you is being reverted. It is best that if you already have a page, you have experts add content to the page. It is so because they understand the critical junctures and know the intricacies of adding content to the page. Contact us if you want to add content professionally at a wikipedia page

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