May 5, 2020

You may hear this pretty often – ‘Please share your media coverage to figure if you would qualify for the notability’. Let’s understand this better: assume you are notable (read our post on what is notability), how do you convince wikipedia that you are notable? While your confidence is admired to say you are notable to be on Wikipedia, it is critical to provide evidence to establish that you are indeed notable. 

What is the criteria to establish you are notable?

This is done by providing in-depth coverage in reliable third party sources – means links/articles present on the internet that features you. The hierarchy of these links is as follows (this is only based on our own experience and expertise so far):

  1. Government Website Links (For example, if you are on domain name which ends with, and similar)
  2. Organisational website links (For example, WHO, United Nations and similar international and national organisations)
  3. International News Websites (For example, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Forbes etc)
  4. National News Website (For example, Indian Express, The Hindu, TOI etc)
  5. Local News Website (Whatever may be relevant at local level)
  6. Blogs or other similar websites 

Most of the people have coverages in local, national or international news websites and a lot of people who approach us live with a fallacy that they already have enough media coverage. Let’s go back to what we said: in-depth coverage in reliable third party sources. Now let’s trisect these:

  1. In Depth: it means that there is more than a paragraph about you and not a mere mention or a quote from you. It actually talks about you doesn’t quote you on a subject matter
  2. Reliable: it means a news website that’s recognized and is known for credible news. It shouldn’t be a news website started by your friend.
  3. Third Party: it is most critical of all – it means that you shouldn’t be influencing the coverage. It has to be third party and neutral. Hence, all kinds of Press Releases are naturally excluded. Also, any coverage that is not drafted by an in house writer is not useful.

So if you have links that qualify the above markers, it is only then you should consider that you have enough media links to get on wiki. Now for certain professions or nature of work, wiki is not as critical and some rules can be skipped. To get a real idea, get in touch with us for an assessment. 

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