May 5, 2020

It is indeed everyone’s first instinct whenever they get to know about Wikipedia – ‘I want a page of my own on this platform’. A sure shot way of appearing on the top of google searches, having a wiki page is a coveted thing to have. We receive requests from all kinds of brands and individuals all the time who want to get on wiki and they find us on the internet and call us up before even understanding what Wikipedia is. This includes business – industries and agencies along with a whole range of personalities – entrepreneurs, artists, Life Coaches, politicians and more. 

Now, before you would think about getting on Wikipedia, you need to understand who can be on Wikipedia. Wiki of course defines notability in their own way and has its own technical nuances. It’s however, hard to decipher it for beginners who are notable by only reading about it on Wikipedia. So we will try to put the foundational principle in simpler terms:

“Any person or organisation is considered notable if the said person or organisation has done something which is unique and outstanding for the society and is relevant to the user of an encyclopedia” 

It means, if you are a teacher and let’s say you are one of the best teachers as it may, you still won’t be notable unless you have done something outstanding in the field – for example, published some ground breaking research or won awards. Yes, it is indeed true that ‘outstanding’ and ‘unique’ are subjective terms. This is where you need to start applying deeper principles about Wikipedia. But more on that in a different blog maybe. 

Consider another example, you are a topper of a competitive exam like Engineering Entrance examinations after school. By virtue of being a topper – while you have done something outstanding – you are not notable. It is so because this ain’t unique and outstanding to the society at large. Every year there will be a new topper and all of those would merge into the pool of students in the college. 

However, if you are a sportsman who has represented the district, state or country and have won medals – that deems to be notable undisputably. Now, each profession (for an individual) has their own markers. For example, a politician can be listed on Wiki only if the said person has won a legit election and holds an office. These different markers can be read on Wiki but there are a lot of unsaid rules that come into play. Best is to reach out to us and have us do an assessment based on your standing. That being said, never forget the underlying rule of Wiki for being notable – that is to have done something outstanding/unique that is relevant for the society at large.

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