May 5, 2020

It is the desire of all brands or anyone who has done something remarkable to have a page on wikipedia and have that page come on top whenever the name is being searched on google. But even if you have done something remarkable or something that’s relevant to the community at large, you can’t get on Wikipedia just like that. There are certain guidelines that must be followed and there are certain criteria that you need to meet to be on Wikipedia. What are those criteria or what do you need to be on Wikipedia, let’s find out:

  1. Enough in-depth coverage in third party reliable sources: You need to have at least 7-8 articles featuring you in detail incredible sources that are written by a journalist and are not taken from any PTI or IANS feed. One golden rule that we advise everyone is to check the following to see if it can be considered an in-depth coverage or not:

    ‘Does the heading of the article of the coverage mention the subject?’

    If yes, it is relevant coverage. If not, it still can be relevant but not as strong. However, any coverage which only quotes the subject or there is a trivial mention, that doesn’t work.
  2. A Wiki draft written as per the guidelines: We get approached by a lot of people who are notable and have the relevant coverage. However, because they don’t understand the nuances of wiki content and have uploaded the entire ‘about us’ section of their website, their pages get rejected or deleted. It is very important to write non-plagiarized content that’s neutral and keeps in mind the checks and balances of a wiki article.
  3. An account which is old enough to have credibility: Very often people create an account and as soon as they make 10 edits and the page is 4 days longer (the requirement to become an autoconfirmed user), they go ahead and publish the page or they go ahead and submit the page for Article For Creation. This is a big mistake. If you have only made very few edits, you will be suspected of paid editing. Also, new accounts are not considered reliable and it is likely that when the page is being patrolled, it will be scrutinized more strictly as compared to a page that has been created with an account that has far more changes.

If you want to be on wiki, we advise not to play. Once deleted or rejected, it is very difficult to create a page again. Get in touch with us and seek appropriate guidance on it.

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