1. Receiving the query

That is, you approach us to create a page for creating a wikipedia page. We can be approached in any of the 4 ways :
a) You can call us directly
b) You can whatsapp us
c) You can send us an email
d) You can fill up the query box

2. Checking Eligibility

We check the eligibility of the subject to see if there is a possibility for this subject to have a wikipedia page. We can usually tell this within 1-2 working days.

3. Package Selection and Advance

We request you to select one of the three packages based on your preferences and raise the invoice for fifty percent advance payment.

4. Draft creation, editing and Approval

We create the draft that we intend to upload on Wikipedia based on the verifiable information available at reliable media sources. We discuss the draft and edit as per mutual agreements for the final approval.

5. Page creation

We create the page either by an existing user profile (Bronze Package) or by creating a new user profile (Silver and Golf Package). The page is published spontaneously.

6. Monitoring and Editing

We monitor the page and edit to fine tune it. Establish links from different pages, fix the citations, add categories etc.

7. Receive the remaining payments

We raise the invoice for the remaining amount after we publish the page and anticipate the payment on the third day we have published the page in case the page has not been nominated for deletion or if there is no tag related to notability of the page. Any other tags are dealt in near future depending on the situation and will not impact the final payment.

8. Further changes under maintenance period

We can further changes as requested by the client or deal with tags to improve the stability of page.

9. Attempt to create the page again (in case of deletion)

In case the page has been deleted, Agency will advise on the steps further and support to gather enough evidence to establish notability and make the page live again.