May 5, 2020

You create a Wikipedia page and all is well. Then one day, suddenly, you are notified that the page has been moved to the drafts. 

What is the drafts section?

Well, this is kind of a mysterious space between death and life. Ideally, drafts is a space where you should first write your article. A draft is visible to you and can be accessed by others but is not in the main space and not indexed. Drafts are naturally not patrolled and not reviewed since they are work in progress. 

Why moved to drafts?

Admins move pages to drafts all the time because they feel that the page is not suitable for main space yet and must be incubated in the main space. This also means that the admins are not questioning the notability of the page and are not proposing that it should be deleted altogether – which is good news; you basically have passed one hurdle to establish that the subject of the page is notable. There can be various reasons for moving to drafts. One of the most common being ‘Undisclosed Paid Editing’ and ‘Conflict of Interest’. The other common reasons are the article being not sourced properly. 

What can be done now?

Well, first of all, the page needs to be optimized and edited to combat the core reason the page was drafted. If it is paid to edit, the page needs to be heavily vetted and all promotional content needs to be removed. Apart from that, all content needs to be checked thoroughly to find any content piece that has not been verified by any third party reliable sources. All such content should be removed extensively. Once that is done, the page can be again moved to the main space. 

However, it is important that this is done with a user account with thousands of edits and a great reputation at wikipedia for page curation.If you are going to use any new account for this task, it is only going to backfire and make your case much worse. Hence, it is important to ensure that you don’t touch the draft if you don’t have an old account with enough edits. 

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