Media Coverage for Wiki

To prove that you are notable to have a page on Wikipedia, you need reliable sources. Media coverages in reputed publications that are written neutrally and from a journalistic point of view are considered credible sources that can help verify that you are notable. It happens with a number of clients that while they are indeed notable, they don’t have enough coverage. Specific PR has years of expertise in getting you coverage that resonates with Wikipedia guidelines.

Why Specific PR and not any other agency?

There are of course a number of PR agencies in the market. Each one of them promising a more lucrative deal than the other. However, you are not looking for any coverage if your goal is to use it for Wikipedia. Wikipedia needs a very specific kind of coverage and while a PR agency might have all the connections of the world, if they don’t know what you are looking for, they won’t be able to offer a solution that will help you create a Wikipedia page.

For example, most of the time, you will find PR agencies offering you 5-7 publications within a range of INR 20,000 to INR 30,000 in two tier and three tier publications which seems very lucrative. However, when this will be actioned, you will find that the same content has been repurposed and published at 5-7 places – most of them having by-lines from journalists missing. This doesn’t work for Wikipedia. This only serves the agency and the publications. With websites being launched for publications, there is no crunch of space. Hence, any news can be published basis the level of access the journalist has. For any publication, it is free more content that can help get more traffic for them and for an agency, it is easy money. Most of the time, you will see the agencies not even putting any creative thought and simply using the content given by you.

What do we do?

“PR doesn’t happen on it’s own. You can’t create News out of nothing. Genuine news is done about a significant event or something that needs to be talked about. Your mere existence can’t be the fuel for a long sustained PR campaign.”

Ruthless but true. This is what we help to establish and treat each client as a unique case to understand the scope of doing the right kind of PR that will be genuine and also serve the purpose of creating a Wikipedia page. After that, we create a PR mandate and define your PR objectives to finally source vendors, freelancers or agencies and manage them on your behalf to get you the right kind of PR coverage. We help you optimize cost and ensure that each penny that you spend on PR is the right investment to your overall goals. Get in touch to discuss more.