Yes, the primary language that we work with is English. That’s where we have immense expertise. But it doesn’t mean we can not handle other languages. Since we have our clients scattered over all the inhabited continents of the world, it is natural that we have capability to deliver on different languages. So far, we have worked for Hindi, Arabic, Russian and Italian language. That being said, we can of course do any language that you want done.

How are Wikipedia different in two languages?

Wiki universes of two languages are not connected to each other. Means admins who are patrolling at one language will be different than the admins patrolling in the other language. We have seen it many times that it is easier to create a page in one language and when you try to create it in a different language, it doesn’t work out. While the rules are the same and we still have to source all the material and still follow a neutral tone, the ecosystems are slightly different and we need to adapt accordingly.

How do we approach it?

We prefer to do the English page first so as to understand you better and grasp the situation. Once the English page is done and approved, we start translating the approved English page in the desired language. When the translation is done, we send it out to your final checks in terms of grammar and factual accuracies and then approach uploading the page and monitor it.

Want a page in a language other than English, we can surely help you out! Get in touch!