May 5, 2020

There is all kind of content that exists in the market for all kinds of needs and demands. Most of the content (with few exceptions), however, is written with an intent to persuade the reader to believe or buy something. That’s how the content marketing universe is booming with millions and billions of words floating on the internet. More often than not, the regular content writers who are writing content for all sorts of requirements are employed to write the content for wikipedia pages as well – which is nothing but a blunder. Wikipedia content is highly distinct and needs more than writing skills. In fact, even if your writing skills are average but you understand the logic structure of wikipedia, you can write a great wiki page. Here are few things you need to remember while writing content for wikipedia:

  1. Keep it Crisp: Keep it precise and to the point. Don’t equivocate what you are saying and write in short sentences.
  2. Keep it easy on vocabulary: Wikipedia is not a space to flaunt your vocabulary. The content of wiki is meant to be read by masses and hence write it in a way that’s easily understandable.
  3. Keep it factual and neutral: Make sure your content only has facts and nothing else. Also keep an eye that nowhere you are drifting towards a promotional tone. Your tone of writing should not endorse or appreciate the subject.
  4. Do not repeat information: It is one of the most underrated but important one – once you have mentioned a piece of information, do not repeat it again. It doesn’t work if you try to change words and say the same thing again.
  5. Keep your tone nonchalant: To avoid any doubts of conflict of interest, ensure that your tone and style is nonchalant. This can mean non-cohesive sentences, minor structural errors etc. If your content is meticulously great, it can become an obvious suspicion that you want to do something impressive and that you are connected to the subject.

Don’t write anything that can’t be sourced: Lastly, Like it is always recommended, please write information that can be sourced – that means verified from third party reliable external sources.

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