Helping with Draftified pages

Those who have already tried making a page on Wikipedia and have failed would be very well aware of the concept of pages being draftitifed. However, for those who are new to the universe of Wikipedia pages, this might be something new and utterly confusing.

What is Draftification?

There are various spaces on Wikipedia. The most important one is the main space where all Wikipedia pages are published. Then there is a sandbox which is where you can practice and play around. And then, there is a space between the living and the dead – a world between two universes – the draft space!

A lot of articles that are published in the main space (means they are ready) are moved to draft space regularly. Once that is done, the page is de-indexed (means it won’t appear on google anymore) and if you would search it on wikipedia, it won’t appear in your search results within Wikipedia. Basically, you don’t exist on Wikipedia anymore and have been moved to the back office for repairs!

Why does it happen?

Your page was doing perfectly alright and then it was suddenly moved to drafts. This can happen for multiple reasons. Some of them are:
  • The language you have used was promotional
  • It appeared that there is a conflict of interest between the creator and the subject
  • The sources you have used were not enough
  • The page is heavily edited by one single contributor

There can be of course many more but these are the most common ones.

How bad is Wikipedia Draftification?

It’s not as bad as it appears to. It’s of course not ideal but it is not as terrifying. They always use the word ‘incubate in drafts’. Let’s give you a sigh of relief by telling you one good news – draftifying a Wikipedia page means they are not questioning the notability of the page. If the notability was in question, it would have been either speedy deleted on Wikipedia or proposed to delete via Article-for-Deletion process. So what they are really saying is that you are notable for sure, but your page needs improvements before it can go to the main space as it is not suitable for the main space yet.

How can we help?

We have helped a number of pages move from draft space to main space on Wikipedia. We first analyze the complete history of the page. Thankfully, since wikipedia records all the edits, we can do a deep research and look at all the edits and the user accounts who made those edits. Once we have done that, we identify the core reasons and the root of the problem. If it is about promotional language, we edit the page in the main space to maintain a neutral tone. If it is about sources, we help generate more sources. We clean up the article and liaison with the admins to have it moved to the main space.

If you got a page stuck in drafts, reach out to us and we will try our best to help you out.