May 5, 2020

The straight forward answer is – Yes. Why? The way we like to express is – because brands can’t keep it in their pants! What we mean here is that brands are shameless when it comes to promotion and without really understanding the purpose of Wikipedia, start promoting themselves outrightly. 

Possible Conflict of Interest

Wikipedia works on some simple basic principles – content should be non-promotional, sourced by third party reliable media coverages, and must not be written with a conflict of interest. Now if it is a profit-making company, there is a very strong likelihood that the company has paid someone to create a page for themselves. Wiki editors don’t just wake up someday and create articles for brands. So whenever a brand or a company’s page is being created, there is always a doubt.

Brands can’t keep it chill

It is our own personal experience too – brands and companies push too hard. Nothing is good enough for them until and unless every alphabet of the page is written as their CEO wanted. They will keep pushing the editors to make changes that would violate the wiki guidelines and cross the lines that shouldn’t be crossed. They would argue and persuade and use all means possible to get it done the way they want it. 

Meaningless Disruption

To begin with, clever brands and companies never go out to seek expertise. This coveted task is usually assigned to someone in the house who decides to give it a try and fails. Now, this person doesn’t just try once but multiple times, and without respecting any limits, keep on trying to make the page live – by using several user accounts and doing the same stupidity. Brands don’t’ understand that wiki doesn’t forget! Each and every edit that is being made on the wiki is being recorded and mapped against the user account (or IP address) and the corresponding page. So each stupid attempt to create the page or add info that doesn’t follow the guidelines, we are digging our own grave since all of that will be taken into consideration whenever there will be an attempt to make the page live. 

So is it possible at all to create a page for a brand or a company?

Of course it is! There are so many companies for which the pages on wiki have been existing for the longest time! However, like we said before, you need to keep it in your pants and be gentle with it. The more aggressive you go, the worse it becomes. Get in touch with us to know more. 

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