About us

A challenge

Wikipedia was one thing that we felt challenged us after doing a very interesting diverse kind of work in digital business. We started taking wikipedia page creation services request and started reading how to create a wikipedia page. We were miserable at it.
Every page we created was getting deleted or unapproved. It was because we were not paying attention. We were reading what was obvious (that’s what everyone do) and not going to the depth of it. Seeing ourselves failing and disappointing clients, we decided to stop and started to research it in and out. As much as we read, as much as we liked it.

Passion for Wikipedia

Wikipedia is beautiful. It is phenomenal how it works and how so many people are honestly investing time to improvise and build this source of information everyday.
Our contribution to it has been partially because of commercial reasons and partially voluntarily. Wikipedia works on pure logic and there is practically no cheat code to it.
At the same time, it is also very subjective depending on the users and administrators and at times you would feel it is not justifiable that your page got deleted.
Now, since we can’t violate the ethics of Wikipedia, we don’t take projects where we know that the subject is not notable already. For example, if you are a high end financial consultant or a self- acclaimed life-coach and would want a wiki page created because you think you are important, that won’t fly.

How do we help to create a wikipedia page?

On receiving the request to create a wikipedia page, we usually ask some additional questions to understand the notability of the subject. We usually receive a whole page of bio written in the most wiki-unfriendly way possible (that is it is highly promotional). We then do our own research to check the existence of credible links to support the citation process.

And then we do further research within wiki to see the possibility of inclusion of the subject in other wiki pages and I check pages similar to the subject to understand how they have been written and what kind of links they have.

Based on this, we offer timeline and quotes for a wikipedia page creation project. In between, we also have to educate the client on know-how of wiki so that there are no false expectations. We start the work slowly and keep the client apprised on what’s happening and make the page live.

What if I am not notable and I want to be on wiki?

Then you need to listen and get a PR firm or individual work with you. We would agree that being notable is a matter of perception. Someone might be notable for us while someone might be notable for someone other.

Depends if you are connected to the area of work. But what trumps over this vagueness is the presence of credible links to validate that you are notable. In such cases, we can guide you on steps that must be taken and connect you to people who can create credible links via a real PR strategy and not just by issuing press releases to wiring agencies (Wiki editors are smart enough to understand what is a real coverage and what has been pushed via client. In fact, it is a big turn off).

This might also mean a completely new brand image and repositioning of whatever you have been doing.

What next?

Get in touch. Read our FAQs if you have further doubts or simply dial in.
Will be happy to assist you further.